Simplified Data Access Management. 

SpotlightAI provides a central tool to manage & audit data requests, mask sensitive production data, and share data faster to enable your digital workforce.

The Problem. 

Access to data can take months in organizations & sharing data often creates a liability.  SpotlightAI creates a simplified access management process and lets you remove sensitive information and easily share within seconds. 

Masking Production Data

Developers & QA can wait months to get access to data for building and testing critical applications. With SpotlightAI, quickly request and get masked data within minutes. 

Protecting Customer Data

Financial documents & call center logs often contain sensitive customer information. SpotlightAI scans and redacts this data so that you remain compliant. 

Audit & SOX Compliance

Audit trails of data access are difficult to create across many apps. With SpotlightAI, audit access to your data lake by user. 

The Solution.

Mask and share data in under 2 minutes using our SaaS portal or integrate with Spotlight with your Slack workspace with our bot.

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Mask, Audit & Share Data with SpotlightAI SaaS

  • Centralized interface for the request management process for data 
  • Redaction & masking of sensitive production data
  • Role-based access for your organization by privilege level
  • Auditing of data flows throughout your organization

Spotlight ensures that data transfer is secure, compliant, and fast.

Collaboration tool

Protect Files with Spotlight for Slack

With the workforce going digital, file-sharing over Slack has increased over 60%.  Protect your most sensitive files in Slack real-time. Identify PII, enable one-click redaction, and share data faster within Slack conversations.

Stay Protected Everywhere.

SpotlightAI integrates with your existing tools to protect data wherever it is shared.

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